1. Brief Introduction of Department
  2. The Department of Dermatology at Foundation University Medical College has been started with the vision to provide excellence in patient care research and education. Our faculty understands that Dermatology care and Education is highly dependent on conceptual and visual information and the organization and integration of that information. Our clinical services and research programs strive to build expand and integrate Dermatologic knowledge and care for our patients, trainees and the community. A multidisciplinary approach has resulted from collaboration with other specialists in the field of histopathology immunology rheumatology oncology general medicine. The Dermatology Department is fully accredited by PM&DC and CPSP for imparting training for undergraduates, MCPS & FCPS Dermatology post graduate trainees In a short span of seven years since the Department was recognized; 04 FCPS & 05 MCPS have been produced by the Department.
    1. Prof. Dr. Farid Ur Rehman MBBS, FCPS (Derm) Professor & Head of the Department
    2. Dr. Asma Javed MBBS FCPS (Derm) Assistant Professor
    Other members of the Department
    1. Dr. Attiya Tareen MBBS FCPS (Derm) Consultant Dermatologist
    2. Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan Niazi MBBS, MSC (Derm) Acting Registrar & MO I/C
    Post Graduate Trainees
    Six Postgraduate trainees (03 FCPS, 03 MCPS) are appearing in current Exam Nine Postgraduate trainees (06 FCPS, 03 MCPS) are under Supervision

  3. Services / facilities being provided by Dermatology Department
  4. 1. Cautery
    2. Cryotherapy
    3. Micro Dermabrasion
    4. Skin Biopsy
    5. Phototherapy (Narrow Band UVB)
    6. PRP
    7. Laser Hair Removal (to be started in the next fiscal year)