• Brief Introduction of ALC Department
  • Artificial Limbs Centre (ALC) is the first centre of its kind in the sub-continent. It was set up in 1911 at Puna in India, in anticipation of the casualties likely to occur in impending wars. Since a large majority of the soldiers of the British Indian Army came from the north-western part of India, it was later moved there; first to Sialkot in 1936 and then to Lahore in 1946. It continued to function here under the control of Pakistan Army. After the 1965 War, as a lot of the war casualties were from the northern part of Pakistan, it was shifted to Rawalpindi. Since 1966, it is working under Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi. The Artificial Limbs Centre is also the largest such centre in the country. On the average it provides over 7,000 artificial limbs and supporting appliances every year, approximately one-third of which go to non-Beneficiaries on cost price basis. Ex-servicemen, their families, and those eligible for zakat, get them free of cost.

    Since 1966, when this centre came under Fauji Foundation, it has provided 2,23,538 artificial limbs and related appliances to patients, besides having done repair work on another 89,631. After the earthquake of 8th October, 2005, the Artificial Limbs Centre played a major role in the provision of prostheses and orthoses to the injured. By fitting 259 prostheses and orthoses, it made the largest single contribution to this effort. In collaboration with the ICRC (the International Committee of the Red Cross), it is also carrying out a reach-out programme, through which about 51 patients have so far been provided with artificial limbs and supports. In 2012, ALC was shifted to its new purpose built building having covered area of 37,500 sq ft with budget cost of Rs 105 million. ALC, FFH presently providing latest type of prosthetics / orthoses to disabled patients by using modular prosthetic components indigenously as well as of imported nature.
    Aim and Objectives
    * To minimize disability * Enhanced quality of life * Greater Independence * Satisfaction of patient * Product Improvement Our treatment is conservative treatment with outmedicine and surgery. We offer a variety of orthosis and prosthetic appliances according to the requirement of patient. Orthoses replaces the function of a body. Protheses replaces the function and cosmetic appearance of a body .Final selection of orthoses or prostheses will be made after the clinical observation of the patient. It also depends upon the activity level age, type of employment, social requirement and financial capability of the patient.
    We offer a range of prosthetic and orthotic appliances to rehabilitate the physically disabled. Orthoses All orthopaedic constructions which serve to rehabilitate the lower limbs or spine following the disease or deformity. For the lower limb we designate them functionally as: - * Walking appliances * Splints * Soles
    Product Range
    * Fixation of paralysed musculature e.g. Paraplegie, polio, stabilization of diseased joinds * Correction of lower limb deformities e.g. Foot valgus , foot varus , foot equinus , foot calcaneaus, drop foot. * AK Waking Caliper * BK Walking Calliper * HKAFO/KAFO * AFO * Weight Relieving Calliper * Unloding can be done in diseased joints hip knee and ankle. * Fractures. * ARM Splints * Elbow contractures. * Fixation of elbow joint. * Drop hand. * Hand contractures * ARM Splint (polypropylene )
    (Wrist hand orthosis ) This AFO aids in swing phase to clearance and reduce planter flextion impact in early stance, its thin walled polypropylene constuction has been optimized for increased resilience. The full sole plate provides more precise guidance for the entire foot as well as enhanced pressure distribution. This is notable for its minimal weight, good hygienic properties, high quality, and effective function. It is delivered ready to fit in all sizes. During the rehabiliation phase following knee surgery, orthoses may fitted for stability and to control range of motion. The orthosis consists of anatomically shaped, plastic shells with slotted connections and knee joints that provide stability
    * Low Weight * Slender Design * Gradated Material Thickness * High Stability With Thin Walls * Torsional Flaxibility * Highly Functional and attractive appearance * Orthosis perfect Fitting at the Contours * Reshaping can be done by heat, a further treatment like drilling, cutting and grinding is also possible * Easy to move Orthopaedic in soles/footware In Soles serves for the correction of the abnormal position or deformation of foot. Deformation of skeletal General deformities of foot are * Flat foot * Valgus foot * Varus foot * Cavus foot According to the severity of deformity we are offering * training in soles (activity required by the patient ) * supporting in soles * Correction in soles Product range * Leather arch support * Soft arch support * Wing arch * Heel pads * Surgical shoes ( Spl ) * Surgical shoes ( ord ) * Dennis brown splint * Pre walking shoes * Symes foot * Flat foot * Pain full heel and sole * Pain full heel calcaneous spur * Compensation of shorting * Club foot * Club foot various deformities of foot can be controlled * Symes imputation Cervical Collar We are also providing soft and hard collar for various cervical disorders. It includes * Soft collar * Hard collar
    Trunk Orthoses
    * The trunk orthoses are given for the treatment of spinal disorders without Surgery. * Spinal deformity is treated by immobilization and straightening the spine functionally.
    product range
    * Spinal Orthosis * Abdominal belts * Spinal Orthosispolypropelene * Milwaukee brace is also available * Lower back pain * Bulging belly, incesional hernia * Scolioseskhyphoseslordosis * Stabilization of fractured vertebrae
    Lower limb Protheses
    Protheses replace the function and normal appearance of the lower limb * Restore appearance * Improved function
    Types ofprothesis
    * Fore foot protheses * Symes foot prostheses * PTB Prostheses KBM prosthesis * B.K conventional protheses * Through Knee protheses * Above Knee protheses * Through hip disarticulation protheses
    Upper Limbs Protheses
    The hands are imported and performs most complex functional tasks performed by the human body. Protheses restore the appearance,function and balancedthe body. The below elbow prosthesis gives maximum functional replacement of the lost limb. Product range * Above elbow prostheses * Below elbow prostheses * Cosmetic gloves
    Ortho prostheses
    ALC provides combination of Orthoses and Prostheses which is called Ortho prosthesis restore.
    Product range
    * AK Compenseting prostheses * BkCompenseting prostheses * BK ( Leather symes prostheses