Mission & Vision


To become a self-sustainable quaternary-care hospital within the Rawalpindi / Islamabad where quality healthcare services are available for all.


  • To focus on provision of effective healthcare services to all dependent clientele, including families of ex-servicemen
  • To remain outfitted with the latest technology in clinical care and management for progress of all patient centered healthcare services
  • To ensure a culture of quality throughout the hospital with special focus on continuous quality improvement
  • To foster perpetual trust of all its stakeholders as the cornerstone for healthcare services in Fauji Foundation
  • To attain self-sustainability as a corporate project of Fauji Foundation.

Future Strategy:

Employing a data-driven evidence-based approach, FFHR has projected its workloads to increase steadily over the next 10 years and postulated a strategic future plan for expansion and establishment of multiple departments and amenities including state-of-the-art Trauma & Emergency Department, Critical Care and dedicated Mother & Child Complexes, increasing the total hospital capacity from 837 beds to over 1100 beds.