General Surgery

General Surgery

The department of surgery comprises of three units and provides comprehensive care in:

  1. General surgery including colorectal, endocrine and hepatobiliary surgery.
  2. Laparoscopic Surgery
  3. Vascular Surgery
  4. Thoracic Surgery
  5. Spinal Surgery
  6. Neuro Surgery
  7. Oncological surgery
  8. Paediatric Surgery

Each surgical unit is composed of consultants, registrars, postgraduate trainees, house surgeons and nursing staff. The stress of the department is on patient focused care. The department strives to maintain close liaison with other hospital services to deliver quality patient care in an efficient manner in the shortest possible time. The department has developed clinical protocols in order to organize coordinated and quality management of patients. Weekly meetings of a multi-disciplinary team are held to ensure closely coordinated care of patients with malignancies.
The department has 150 in-patient beds, 10 intensive care beds and four fully equipped operation theaters. A surgical team is available in the hospital round the clock, seven days a week, for prompt management of emergencies.
Postoperative care is meticulously carried out and qualified surgeons are available at any hour to manage any complications that may arise in postoperative period. The department has also developed a day care surgery program to make patient care cost-effective and convenient for the patient.

Meet Our Doctors

 General Surgery

Maj Gen Rasikh Maqsood