Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA), Dec 2020

  • December 1, 2020

Radio Frequency Ablation, RFA is a non-surgical minimally invasive method that uses heat to stop transmission of pain to the brain providing long-term relief to patients whose pain is refractory to most conventional modalities. This is done without the use of steroids or any other drug,
In Pakistan, RFA is a new modality and Maj Gen (R) Prof Liaqat Ali HOD Anesthesia/ Pain medicine, FFH Rwp is among the pioneers who started this effective modality to manage pain first in CMH and now at FFH Rwp First RFA procedure was successfully conducted on 1-12-2020 at FFH Rwp.
The mission is to provide pain relief to entitled patients of FFH free of cost and private patients at comparatively low cost.
The cases done were a refractory back pain patient & second knee pain who had visited multiple hospitals with inadequate pain relief
both patients reported almost complete pain relief.
With this success, the Pain Center FFH Rwp will be using RFA on regular basis as part of its arsenal in the fight against pain.